In November, Estonian University of Life Sciences hosted a wood makeathon that sough ways how to better valorize wood.

The fourth Garage48 Wood makeathon was organized in November 2020, in Tartu, Estonia. The aim of the makeathon was to develop prototypes of innovative solutions focused on architecture, wood processing and forestry in Estonia towards efficiency and climate sustainability. The team of the architecture students of the Estonian Academy of Arts won the competition being the first out of nine teams. Their winning prototype “Modular Terraced Housing” is desinged to make the development of terraced houses faster and enable more flexibility.

Garage48 Future of Wood 2020 was organized in  cooperation with the Estonian Academy of Arts, Startup Estonia and Garage48 and reached  Tartu this year in cooperation with the Estonian University of Life Sciences that celebrated 100th anniversary of giving higher education in forestry in Estonian language. 

At the competion, the Estonian University of Life Sciences as a BIOEASTsUP consortium partner facilitated participants from different areas and used this opportunity to  develop ideas for expand the use of wood. 

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