The first peer review was organised in an online for due to COVID-19 pandemic. Peers discussed the good practice – Technology Transfer Centre in Agriculture Research, Ltd. (ART) ART organised several presentations that were selected to illustrate both the environment and conditions for the  technology transfer activities and also bioeconomy development in the Czech and also the activities of the Technology Transfer Center ART.

Technology Transfer Centre ART was established in 2010 and it is focused on linking research in the field of agriculture, food processing and bioeconomy with business practice.  The technology transfer center ART is developing project in the close cooperation with SMEs focused on new breeding techniques, agriculture practice, bioeconomy or innovation in the biogas production.

The group of peers was nominated from the project partners and experts nominated by project partners. The peers were nominated from project partners: Livia Kranitz, Zsofia Kunya, Luka Juvančič, Boris Vashev and they were joined by Markus Dettenhofer  the national leader of the CELEBio project representing the CELEBio project partner CEITEC from the Czech Republic and George Sakellaris –  member of the Foreseight Group of the BIOEAST Initiative and also a member of the Community of Practice formed to support the bioeconomy education.