The focus on the BIOEAST macro-region for the EU Bioeconomy Foresight

The focus on the BIOEAST macro-region for the EU Bioeconomy Foresight

The Joint Research Center in its ISPRA site organized the third workshop in a series focusing on the follow-up implementation of the report on Foresight Scenarios for the EU bioeconomy in 2050. The workshop focused to Central and astern Europe, on the specificities of the BIOEAST countries.

Barna Kovács Secretary General of the BIOEAST Initiative presented the Initiative and reflections based on the BIOEAST Foresight exercise. In his speech he highlighted the need to focus foresight message towards politics and society of the macro-region. These two stakeholder groups will be key for the successful implementation of a sustainable green transition. Foresight is usually focusing on policy makers, but in those countries where there is no strategic thinking in ioeconomy the first step is to convince the politicians and to explain to the society the importance of the transition.

The event enabled selected experts from the BIOEAST macro-region in one of the roles as primary producer, consumer association, business, policy maker or public voice to participate in a role play game, facilitating 4 scenarios of future ioeconomy. The BIOEAST Initiative contributed to the selection of participants, leaders and mentors of BIOEAST Thematic working groups and coordinators of national BIOEAST HUB played the roles.

Ms Alessandra Zampieri, the Director of Sustainable Resources directorate of JRC highlighted the importance of the meeting and of the region in the successful implementation of the EU bioeconomy Strategy and Action plan. The JRC will produce a report based on the series of workshops and will submit input to the revision and development of the future EU Bioeconomy Strategy.