III INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE „Economic Sciences for Agribusiness and Rural Economy”


ON-LINE through MS TEAMS platform


„Economic Sciences for Agribusiness and Rural Economy”

Workshop for Young Scientists on 21 September 2020

organized by Institute of Economics and Finance of Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW  &


„Strategies for Bioeconomy in CEE countries”

organized by Department of Bioeconomy and Systems Analysis – BIOECON of Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – IUNG-PIB

Provisional agenda
TOPIC 1 “The state and deployment of bioeconomy in the CEE countries”
S Loizou (Univ West Macedonia, Greece) “Biobased  national and regional input-output tables in Poland”
D Blumberga (Tech Univ of Riga, Latvia) “Sustainable bioresources value complex index”
Oleg Kucher, State Agrarian and Engineering University in Podilya · Department of Management, Public Management and Administration, Ukraine (more practical perspective –  biorefinery in Ukraine)
B Kulisič (EIHP, IEA Bioenergy) “Bioenergy perspectives in the bioeconomy deployment”
TOPIC 2 “Sustainable agriculture for bio-based economy”
T Petsakos (JRC Seville) “Farm modeling and the CAP beyond 2020)
Paweł Chmieliński IERiGZ Institute “CAP second pillar and rural development”
A Kampas (Agr Univ Athens) “Green growth and decoupling indicators in Poland”
Mariantonietta Fiore, Assoc prof in Agricultural Economics, Department of Economics, University of Foggia, Italy (more theoretical perspective)
 TOPIC 3 “Strategies for bioeconomy in Poland and the CEE countries”
J Philp (OECD) “There is more than one interpretation of bioeconomy”
Luka Juvančič, (Univ of Ljubljana) “Institutional dimension for bioeconomy strategy in the CEE countries”
M Borzecka, J Kozyra (IUNG, Poland) “BIOEASTsUP support to BIOEAST Initiative for macro-regional bioeconomy strategy elaboration”
S Rozakis (Tech Univ Crete)  “BIOECON project tools for the development of bioeconomy strategies in Poland”

The event is finished.