2K23 MyTeam looks arresting on paper

2K23 MyTeam looks arresting on paper

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    However I adulation accepting a acumen to accurately use the Affiliated forty card, and i’m consistently blessed to get brought players, packs, tokens, and badges.An Affluence of challenges: Signature, pick-Up, Holo, and Account demanding situations — all able for the unmarried-player crowd.

    Permit’s collect it motion with introduced challenges with a introduced arrangement of rewards (specifically tailored gamers) in 2K23. I clearly absence the ballsy spotlight grinds from the beyond, so I’ll accumulate my hands aloft we get commodity admirable abutting year to blemish that itch.

    2K23 MyTeam looks arresting on paper, but so did the 2021-2022 Brooklyn Nets (and candidly so do the 2022-2023 Nets, however I gained’t get my hopes up). I aloof pre-ordered the new adventurous nowadays, and candidly it wasn’t due to the MyTeam blog or a laugh media hype, it changed into because of the MyNBA “eras” blog.

    I’ll accord MyTeam a truthful ahead and truely appetite it to be notable, however I admission a motion that a number of my 2K time may be spent allegorical the Rockets from the ’80s to the contemporary and past. And confirmation me, I’ll nonetheless be acrimonious Hakeem over Jordan within the ’eighty four Draft, however I do admission some account how to larger adeptness those teams to ensure a abiding dynasty. I can’t wait!

    What approximately you? What are you lovable avant-garde to/concerned about aback it comes to 2K23 (MyTeam or otherwise)?

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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