Fans should be irate at both Madden NFL 23

Fans should be irate at both Madden NFL 23

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    The extended contract stipulates that DirecTV will be required to pay a significant fee in the event that the 2011 season is not cancelled and up to 9 percent more, at Madden NFL 23’s own discretion in the event that the season of 2011 is cancelled. Of the total amount payable in the case of a cancellation of the season, 42% of that fee will be non-refundable. The rest will be applied to the next season. Op. 27. 71-72; Goodell Direct Test. 11. The result is that Madden NFL 23 could be able to get an additional amount from DirecTV in 2011 , provided it excludes the Players as well as if it does not.

    Wait, what? Essentially, in layman’s terms it appears that Madden NFL 23 was ready to lockout and had concluded a contract with DirecTV in 2008. realizing that a stoppage in work was most likely to occur. The terms of the contract allowed an insurance policy to Madden NFL 23 an insurance policy that was a kind of insurance giving the league an unending stream of revenue and a buffer which allowed the owners to keep a lockout for whatever time it takes.

    Fans should be irate at both Madden NFL 23. for a deliberate work stoppage as well as DirecTV as a facilitator of the Madden NFL 23’s scheme. DirecTV requested Madden NFL 23. it’s RedZone Channel and Sunday Ticket by bending to the wishes of the league in the talks in 2008. The league leveraged that and created a situation in which a lockout would be beneficial to the owners.

    Seem fair? It’s not fair, of course. When you look at it from an objective perspective: Why could an organization ever get more money for the decision to cease operations instead of not? The fact that the Madden NFL 23 negotiated its TV contracts while knowing it was in charge of a work stoppage -and was able to secure streams of revenue that would continue, and grow in the event of an out of control lockout is the most obvious picture we’ve had of how Madden NFL 23 planned for the CBA negotiations. And it isn’t pretty.
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