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    All you need is at least 7-10 sources. Most of them can be articles from Add at least one monograph or one textbook. Look carefully at the year of publication. Allow no earlier than 3 years from the present publication. For example, in 2021, any publication must be no more than 3 years old. You can only add 1-3 sources that may be older. They must be authoritative and still have a well-known scholar in the authorship.

    Also, if you use references to materials from other centuries in your abstract, you will need to indicate them in the list of references used. For example, this may be the case for a journalism student who is studying the history of journalism in the 1990s. Then he will have to indicate all the newspapers and magazines that he used in his text.

    Therefore, it is mandatory to add references and footnotes in the text. If you do not do this, the teacher will immediately notice. He will note that you obviously did not rely on the theoretical basis, did not use the list of references. So the more references and footnotes will be in the essay, the better.

    In addition, footnotes add volume to your work. A footnote helps to save 2-3 pages. So, it will be easier to write an essay.

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    Naomi WhittakerNaomi Whittaker

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    Kaylee LKaylee L

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    Coper DylanCoper Dylan

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    Mark WebbMark Webb

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    William KittleWilliam Kittle

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    Grammar mistakes are one of the most frequent issues that students run into when editing their writings. Even the most focused students occasionally overlook commas, tense agreement errors, or misspelled words. Grammar mistakes can dramatically lower the quality of an essay and have a negative impact on the score awarded, which makes this very irritating. Such flaws can be found and fixed with the aid of online essay checking programs, allowing students to turn in polished, error-free writings. If it’s no enough info for you, then you can look here to get more!

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