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    Here are some main reasons why people love to do these mental tasks:

    Mental stimulation: Solving puzzles and tests requires active use of the brain. It provides an opportunity to improve cognitive functions such as logical thinking, analytical skills and problem solving.

    Intellectual challenge: Tasks that seem complex and incomprehensible at first glance attract people with their challenge. The ability to solve something mysterious gives satisfaction and increases the feeling of self-confidence.

    Fun and Relaxation: Solving puzzles and tests can be an enjoyable way to pass time and relax. It allows you to escape from everyday worries and focus on a specific task.

    Social Interaction: Many tests and puzzles are fun social activities. Solving tasks together with friends or colleagues helps to bring closer and strengthen relationships.

    Solving Satisfaction: Successfully solving a riddle or puzzle is accompanied by a feeling of joy and satisfaction. It is similar to a feeling of achievement and success.

    Competitive Element: Many people find pleasure in competitions and competitions related to solving tests and puzzles. This encourages them to strive for better results and develop their skills.

    Brain training: Regular practice of puzzles and tests is thought to help keep the brain in good shape and may reduce the risk of developing certain neurological diseases.

    In general, the love for tests, puzzles and riddles is due to their unique ability to engage, stimulate the mind, provide entertainment and provide a sense of satisfaction from solving complex problems. These intellectual challenges have a positive impact on us, making our lives more interesting and fulfilling.

    Anna Key

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