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    Miajian or Mahjong is a fairly well-known gambling game in the world for four people, in which everyone plays for themselves. The game uses dice, reminiscent of the chips in the well-known dominoes, the rules of the game are somewhat reminiscent of poker, in mahjong the players also require memory, visual thinking and observation, but there is also a random factor. The main goal in mahjong is to collect the most points by making a superior combination from a predetermined set of dice.

    In Asian countries, there are many myths about the creation of this exciting game. The first of them is based on the fact that Confucius himself invented mahjong during his wanderings throughout the Chinese kingdoms. The second myth tells of the Chinese fisherman Jie, who came up with this exciting game to distract fishermen from the symptoms of seasickness. Historians assure that the game appeared at the beginning of the 19th century. Despite the many opinions, they all agree on one thing – the game of mahjong was definitely born in China.

    Mahjong became most widespread among residents of the Beijing suburbs on the banks of the Yangtze River, and by the beginning of the 19th century it became popular outside of China. In 1895, the very first version of mahjong in a foreign language was released – American. Its author is anthropologist Stuart Klin. After another 5 years, mahjong becomes one of the main forms of entertainment in English clubs in Shanghai. In China, mahjong is earning status as a national game. Each region has its own mahjong with rules different from the classic version.
    The game even survived bans. The popularity of mahjong quickly acquired gambling characteristics. Japan banned mahjong in the country in 1937, and four years later the game was banned in China. The ban was lifted only 30 years later.

    The emergence of the game as a professional sport begins in the 1930s in America. Specialized organizations were created. The second country to consider mahjong as a professional hobby was Japan.

    Anna Key

    Thanks for the fun lesson on the history of mahjong! In my turn, I want to share with you a site with the game mahjong titans, which may become a real discovery for you. I like to play mahjong slowly and usually don’t look at the time. For me, this is a kind of meditation with additional brain training. And I advise everyone to start playing mahjong!

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