NEXTFOOD – Innovative science and education for sustainable agriculture

European Union’s Horizon 2020 project

Ø  Czech republic, 2 organisations as partners, Sweden (coordinator) and Romania
Contact person: Jan Moudrý,

Vision & Objectives

  • Educating the next generation of professionals in the agrifood system
  • Enhancing the co-creation of innovation and knowledge in agriculture, forestry and related bio-value chains.
  • Developing an innovative European science and education roadmap for sustainable agriculture.
  • Inducing a paradigm shift from a linear to a cyclical approach of learning.


  • Inventory of the skills needed for a transition to more sustainable agriculture, forestry and associated bio-value chains
  • Action research facilitation – cases in the partner countries
  • Future curriculum, education and training system creation
  • Policy assessment and recommendation
  • Quality assured knowledge transfer

Production sector

  • Arable farming
  • Horticulture (vegetable, ornamental, fruit)
  • Mixed farming
  • Grassland management
  • Food supply chain