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2019.10.16 World Food Day 2019
2019.10.16 European Bioeconomy - Regions, Cities and Civil Society
2019.10.10 Joint IEA Bioenergy Task43 and BIOEAST Initiative Workshop
2019.09.26 - 2019.09.27 173rd EAAE Seminar on Sustainable and resilient farming systems in the EU
2019.07.08 - 2019.07.10 European Bioeconomy Scene 2019
2019.07.04 HORIZON 2020 Infoday on Societal Challence 2 calls for proposal of 2020
2019.05.03 Policy Support Facility (PSF) 2 workshop
2019.03.14 Advancing the Creation of Regional Bioeconomy Clusters in Europe workshop
2019.03.13 Policy Support Facility (PSF) 1 workshop
2019.02.14 Regions as Catalysts of Bioeconomy Development Conference in Lithuania The aim of the conference is to discuss the development of the bioeconomy in Lithuania and possible local-level synergies between regions. For more onformation please contact Justina.Vaisvilaite@zum.lt
Further past events