TWG Advanced biobased materials

Coordinated by Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

Contact Balázs Imre

The mission of the Thematic Working Group Advanced Bio-based Chemicals and Materials (BC TWG) is to support the development of circular bioeconomy in their represented countries especially in the field of wholly or partly bio-based chemicals and materials. In order to do that the TWG set out to learn from already existing information and technology and to connect various stakeholders on every level in order to develop a strategic document as a part of the macro-regional Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. Besides the continuous support of the BIOEAST Board and relevant policy makers the TWG set out to strengthen the European Research Area and to promote networking and collaboration on a macroregional level in order to strengthen the role of the Central- and Eastern-European players.

The TWG has an interdisciplinary approach with many fields of interest which falls under the following main categories:

  • Data collection, modelling, societal implementation
  • Thermochemical, biological, and physical conversion of biomass
  • Advanced biotechnology
  • Utilization of lignocellulose, lignocellulose-based and other waste, side-streems of agroeconomy, incl. food and feed production
  • Production of biopolymers, biocomposites, functional biomaterials, bioactive compounds
  • Implementation of effective microorganisms for stimulation of biomass transformation and growth of industrially important plants
  • Up-scaling and commercialization of research developments of partners
  • Actions in the area of policy, technology progress and social acceptance of bio-based chemicals and materials

The TWG Advanced Bio-based Chemicals and Materials is coordinated jointly by the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture (HuMA) and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE).