Virtual Toolbox for CEE

This Virtual Toolbox (VRT) was created to be used by BIOEAST countries in the development of their national bioeconomy strategies. It gathers and describes already existing tools from relevant partners or projects (e.g. Power4Bio, BioEcon, etc.) which can support the CEE countries to develop their own national bioeconomy strategies on the basis of regional and local experiences. The VRT offers tools to:
– Introduce effective bioeconomy business solutions and good examples related to biomass source, industrial symbioses, innovative products, organisation and governance, etc. (e.g. BERST – to support regional stakeholders);
– Enable analysis of the business models of bioeconomy solution and examples taking into account the funding instruments (e.g. Power4Bio under development);
– Enable value chain analysis (e.g. BioBoost navigator);
– Enable assessment of the implementation of bioeconomy strategies and their impact on national economy (e.g. BioEcon platform);
– Enable policy coherence analysis;
– Provide training material to ensure capacity building (Dynamic model by T2.4);
– Enable stakeholder engagement in the regional bioeconomy (e.g. Power4Bio);
– Facilitate bioeconomy strategy development;
– Enable cooperation within the quadruple helix (e.g. BERST);
– Support innovative bio-based products for identified market applications;
– Create and accelerate the market-uptake of bio-based products and applications
– Enable biomass assessment and logistics (e.g. Geoportal from BioBoost – IUNG)

Available information can be filtered by main topic; framework – project; short name of the project; country, region described and year of publication.

The first step is to choose a country.

Countries coloured in orange are CEE countries committed to the BIOEAST Initiative.

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