BIOEAST: Central and Eastern European Initiative for Knowledge-based Agriculture, Forestry and Aquaculture in the Bioeconomy

The mission of the BIOEAST Initiative is to support the development of knowledge and cooperation based circular bioeconomies to enhance inclusive growth in the BIOEAST countries and also to create new value-added jobs especially in rural areas, maintaining or even strengthening environmental sustainability.

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BIOEAST  Initiative

Fostering circular bioeconomies for inclusive growth and environmental sustainability in Central and Eastern European countries

BIOEAST countries

Central and European countries to foster participation in local governments to increase the adoption of bioeconomy

Supportive projects

Promoting synergies to enhance EU science-policy dialogue and bioeconomy policymaking through knowledge exchange with other projects and initiatives

Thematic Working Groups

Drivers of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas (SRIAs) and facilitators of science-policy dialogues

Knowledge Platform

Repository of knowledge materials and relevant information on bioeconomy

Stakeholder platform

Platform for cooperation and networking among the relevant stakeholders and institutions in the field of Bioeconomy

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