Chemical-free cultivation of high nutrient content (PROFAT) soybeans at 7 Hungarian soybreeding regions

Research project

Hungary, Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Contact person: Petra Hajzser-Novák –

Vision & Objectives

  • In our project we would like to find ways, in which chemicals are avoidable, but the productivity is insured in the Hungarian weather conditions.  With our investigation we would like to figure out, whether the soybean production with limited chemical use (not ecological with the higher price) is possible and can keep productivity.


  • During our investigation we examine soybean production in seven several places of Hungary during 3 years. On every place 10 species are planted in two replays and one replay is handled with chemicals and in the other we only use mechanical methods. In the end of the season we compare the yields, inner contents and economic factors. Through this we expect to find out if soybean production without using herbicides could be effective.

Production sector

  • Arable farming