Advisory council

In line with the implementation of the BIOEAST Vision 2030, which was endorsed in February 2018, and in the framework of the BIOEASTsUP project (launched on 1 October 2019) a panel of experts will be set up as Advisory Council to support the BIOEAST Initiative.
The Advisory Council will work as a bioeconomy panel for the macro-region. The aim is to give guidance to national policy makers but also to identify special challenges the macro-region might face with, and the ultimate aim is to contribute to the BIOEAST Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). Fifteen high-level independent experts will be asked to participate.

The Advisory Council is set up with the aim to steer interactions and coordination among different policy areas, sectors and stakeholders in the bioeconomies of the Central and Eastern European countries, those supporting the BIOEAST Initiative. It will consist of experts coming from academia, national administrations and from stakeholder groups relevant to the macro-region’s bioeconomies.
The Advisory Council is composed of minimum 15 and up to 20 members from different bioeconomy related areas who are nominated by the BIOEAST Board