National Contact Point

Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic
Department of Research, Development and Education

Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic
Department of Research, Development and Education

The BIOEAST Initiative’s National Contact Point (NCP) is the Ministry of Agriculture.One of the NCP’s main roles at national level is to interact and coordinate the national views with other bioeconomy related ministries.


The Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic is the central public administrative authority for agriculture, the water sector and the food processing industry, and for forestry, game management, hunting and fishing. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic prepared the Concept of Bioeconomy in the Czech Republic that adresses the challenges of the Bioeconomy from the perspective of the Ministry and its competencies. This document is provided for the 5-year period 2019–2024.
Main task areas related to RDI and the bioeconomy: Sustainable management of natural resources; Sustainable agriculture and forestry; Sustainable food production; Food security and energy self-sufficiency to increase competitiveness; Significantly improve the protection of natural resources used, taking into account ongoing climate change. The vision of research, development and innovation is ’Promoting innovative agriculture and forestry through advanced methods and technologies’. Three key areas are defined to fulfill this mission: sustainable management of natural resources, sustainable agriculture and forestry, and sustainable food production.

Relevant details regarding the bioeconomy

JRC Bioeconomy KC –


The BIOEAST HUB CZ ( was established with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic in line with the BIOEAST Governance Paper. The BIOEAST HUB CZ reflects the European Green Deal and also European Bioeconomy Strategy.  The BIOEAST HUB CZ is designed as a tool to engage stakeholders and support their involvement in the bioeconomy, encourage the development of a strategic research agenda and also promote bioeconomy and sustainable development.

The BIOEAST HUB CZ is coordinated by the Agriculture Research, Ltd., membership is free of charge and both legal and private bodies can become members upon signing the Memorandum of Cooperation. The BIOEAST HUB CZ is organized in national thematic working groups that reflect the BIOEAST thematic working groups and that are also based on the needs and wishes of stakeholders (bottom-up principle). The BIOEAST  HUB CZ issued the preview „Bioeconomy in Public Strategies” that represents the first summary of national strategic documents of central state administration bodies focused on bioeconomy that has been published in the Czech Republic.


CELEBio – project aims at strengthening the enabling environment for bio-based businesses in eight countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.
POWER4BIO – emPOWERing regional stakeholders for realising the full potential of european BIOeconomy