The area of government of the Ministry of Rural Affairs covers the planning and implementation of rural policy, agricultural policy, fishing industry of the fisheries policy and the trade policy of agricultural products; The organisation of ensuring food safety and compliance; The coordination of the activities related to animal health and protection and plant health and protection; The organisation of agricultural research and development and agricultural education; The preparation of corresponding draft legislation.

The tasks and objectives of the Ministry of Rural Affairs arise from the Statutes of the Ministry.
Research and development, sectoral training and advisory system play an important role in the implementation of Estonia’s agricultural policy and increasing the competitiveness of enterprises related to agriculture, food industry, rural life and forestry.
In many ways, the Ministry of Rural Affairs helps to organise agricultural research and development and implement the results in business. For example, the Ministry finances scientific analyses to plan political decisions, ensures the knowledge-based functioning of the authorities of the area of government, helps to raise the level of knowledge and professional training and provide consultations and research-based applications necessary for successful management. The Ministry of Rural Affairs is responsible for the funding programmes of the agricultural applied research, organizes their implementation as well as impact assessment.

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