Living Lab “Region Nitra – “From Field to Glass”

Living Lab

Slovakia, Slovak university of Agriculture in Nitra
Contact person: Lucia Palšová –

Vision & Objectives

Vision of the Living Labs is an effective network of cooperation and support between all stakeholders in the Nitra region. With the support of Living Lab, the Nitra region is also a region where the environment is healthy, agriculture respects the principles of sustainable agriculture, the population has secure and healthy food and where rural areas thrive thanks to viable small and medium-sized enterprises.


  • analysis of political and legal aspects of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; regional development activities. CAP consulting services; local strategic documents for municipalities.
  • support of tourism and promotion of the region through the design of thematic hiking and biking trails, “beer tourism”, enogastronomy, regional brand.
  • creation of a business plan, production and sales planning, economic and financial analysis, creation of a strong product brand, design of a marketing mix, customer relationship management, corporate social responsibility
  • realization of educational process of crop production, transfer of the production to ecological production, raw material production.
  • development of innovative products with added value intended for consumers with special needs. Side products and leftovers from the processing of raw material present an important source of bioactive substances and may be also considered for implementation into the development of innovative products.
  • designing the technological solution and proposals for the machines.

Production sector

  • Arable farming
  • Food supply chain