Regenerative Agriculture Slovakia

Open innovation arrangement

Slovakia, Poľnohospodárske družstvo Krakovany – Stráže
Školská 401/8
922 02 Krakovany
Contact person: Hana Dohálová –

Vision & Objectives

  • The vision is to establish regenerative agriculture as the main agricultural practise in Slovakia.
  • The objectives are:
    • Improve soil quality in Slovakia
    • Reduce soil applications of pesticides and fertilisers
    • Stop degrading soils with tillage
    • Use cover crops, intercropping, ensure continuous soil cover
    • Integrate quality composts into agricultural practise in Slovakia
    • Increase water infiltration and water storage capacity
    • Give university students and professors a platform for research
    • Influence the country’s agricultural university to allow the teaching of no-till practices and to change the content of its teaching programs
    • Increase landscape diversity through soil life diversity.

Production sector

  • No-till regenerative farming