The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is the central public administrative authority responsible with the application of the governance program and strategy, with role into elaboration and implementation of sectorial national strategy in the following domains: agriculture and food industry, rural development, land reclamation, and conexe domains, such as: specialty scientifical researh, preservation and sustainable management of the soils and both vegetal and animal genetic resources as well as bioeconomy.

One of the major objectives refers to sustaining agricultural research, information and farm advisory services in agriculture. As regards the bioeconomy area, the MARD’s Long and Medium term Strategy for RDI has as main goals: evaluation of long and medium term feasibility of national bio-economic potential to produce non-food bioresources under impact of global climate changes; eco-innovative approaches to develop new agricultural technologies.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development grants sectorial research projects into joining RD units, universities and professional organizations having in view complete and complex utilization of renewable natural resources.

Nation bioeconomy hub of Romania is available at the following link