Main topic: Interactive tool

Document/search engine: Bio economy: policy simulation tool

Framework project: EEA grant project “Development of bioeconomical model for sustainable use of biological resources in order to reduce climate changes and improve adaptation capacity (BIO-CLIMATE)”

Within Horizon 2020 project “Advancing Sustainbale Circular Bioeconomy in Central and Eastern European Countries (BIOEASTsUP)” model was upgraded, data renewed and tool made accessible to policy makers based on system dynamic model.

Short name of the project: BIO-CLIMATE, BIOEASTsUP

Bio economy:  Policy simulation tool

Short description: Inspection tool for bioeconomy policy makers. Allows to look at and manage employment, financial and greenhouse gas emission data related to cultivation of crops, forests, and production of added value products from certain raw materials. Interconnects macro, meso and micro scale of bioeconomy. Main measures represented are turnover of bioeconomy, added value and employment, investments, GHG emissions and land use. In addition, location quotient, bioeconomy labour productivity and added value to turnover parameters also are shown as output. There are several changeable parameters available for modelling: Added value products, product price, unit production costs, other costs, discount rate, specific investment in technology, organic land fraction, value chain selection (on/off) and subsidies.

Countries/regions described/represented: Latvia

Year: 2015 – 2016

Description can be found here: Download report