BIOEAST Initiative represented at Green ERA-Hub Kick-off meeting in Ghent

Representatives from the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture participated at the Kick-off meeting of the newly founded Green ERA-Hub, held on 15-16 September 2022 in Ghent, Belgium.

The Green ERA-Hub (GEH) is a Horizon Europe CSA project comprising 15 currently active ERA-Net Co-funds and initiatives in the field of agri-food and biotechnology.

As the ERA-NET scheme is no longer supported under Horizon Europe the founders of GEH decided to find out how to continue the fruitful cooperation and preserve the acquired competences gathered in the last years while making preparations for the upcoming partnerships and missions.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary represents the BIOEAST in GEH to support the Initiative in increasing its member countries’ participation in the ERA and help the Central and Eastern European regions to be better engaged in alignment of research programmes and the joint programming.

The details of GEH programme plan are still under elaboration. Probably, BIOEAST country representatives will have the possibility to attend several interesting events.