BIOEAST is represented in the CLEVERFOOD project

CLEVERFOOD project was launched on January 2023, and the project’s kick off meeting took place on 20-22 February 2023, in Lisbon. CLEVERFOOD will facilitate a society-wide mobilisation of European citizens, to transform the European food system in alignment with the EU Food 2030 Policy Framework, Farm to Fork Strategy and Fit for 55 Package. The overarching objective of CLEVERFOOD is to encourage all European food system stakeholders at local, regional, national and supra-national level and develop transformative governance models to shift the food system towards more sustainable, resilient and regenerative food production and consumption. In this way the project contributes to improving circularity and resource use efficiency, boosting innovation and empowering communities and ensuring proper nutrition and healthy diets.
The objectives will be achieved by developing and deploying a pan-European Food 2030 multi-actor and public engagement mechanism to provide targeted and complementary support for ongoing, new and upcoming European projects, partnerships and networks – including BIOEAST – , and facilitate shared learning in an interlinked and self-sustaining multi-level structure of connected Policy Labs (PL) and Living Labs (LL), where farmers, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, educators, knowledge brokers, industry leaders and policy makers are working together with empowered citizens across Europe to co-create the sustainable and more plant-based food system of the future.
The leader of the consortium is the University of Copenhagen, and the consortium consists of 23 members, including BIOEAST members as contributors, like Institute of Agricultural Economics (AKI) and the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Developement (MARD).
By the collaboration of BIOEAST and CLEVERFOOD, we can strengthen our common goals. CLEVERFOOD could take advantage of the synergies developed within BIOEAST, thereby BIOEAST could be represented in international dialogues and roundtables which going to be organised in the framework of the project and will support the development of transformative multi-level governance models and accelerate the innovation for sustainable food system transition.