BIOEAST success – The BIOEAST initiative is committed behind the preparation of Horizon Europe on future European Partnership on agroecology and soil health related Mission

BIOEAST is represented in two consortiums, which won call for proposals on soil and land management (Horizon2020 WP2020 FNR4 CSA) and on strengthening the European agroecologycal research and innovation ecosystem (H2020 WP2020 FNR1). Both consortiums were steered by the Food, Agriculture and Climate Change Joint Programming Initiative (FACCE JPI), and supported by the BIOEAST Initiative.

The so-called Coordination and Support Action (CSA) instrument has a very important role to play in preparing future policy decisions. During the coming years the consortiums having on board Central and Eastern European institutions will provide advice to the European Commission and Member States in these two areas.

Both winning CSAs will carry out a supporting activity through which the partnership on agroecology and the mission on healthy soils will be developed in the new Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Framework Program. Both topics are very much linked to the work of the BIOEAST Thematic Working Group (TWG) on Agroecologycal Intensification and Sustainable Yields. The TWG was established in 2019 with the support of the BIOEASTsUP Horizon 2020 project.

With the help of the BIOEAST Initiative, the V4 countries and seven other Central and Eastern European countries are working to bring together and present the interests and needs of the macro-region to European institutions. With these successful proposals, the views of the BIOEAST countries could become visible and audible.

It is in BIOEAST’s interest to put the most important and best research results at the service of decision-makers at both national and EU level. It is essential that Central and Eastern European institutes participate as much as possible in the EU’s largest research and innovation framework program.