BIOEASTsUP project partner meeting 17-18 November 2022

The BIOEASTsUP project partner meeting was held in Sofia, between 16-18 November 2022 to discuss the remaining tasks before the end of the project in March 2023. The discussion revolved around the following main topics:

  • Finalization of the bioeconomy concept papers of the 11 BIOEAST countries: each country’s project partners with the involvement of ministries and/or other institutions developed their draft national bioeconomy concept papers to be put forward for interministerial and stakeholder discussions and approval in order to support the bioeconomy strategy development at national level. The countries are in different stages at the moment but preparations are ongoing and are close to completing the documents.
  • Finalization of the macro-regional Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA): within the frame of the BIOEASTsUP project, a draft BIOEAST SRIA has been developed during the past one and a half years with the active involvement of the BIOEAST Thematic Working Groups (TWGs). The SRIA will provide the Member States and the European Institutions with a strategic research and innovation programme to support the knowledge-driven bioeconomy in the BIOEAST macro-region whilst strengthening the whole European Research Area. The document is at the stage of finetuning and will be ready by March 2023.
  • BIOEAST SRIA Congress to be held in Warsaw in 15-16 March 2023 (final date to be confirmed): where the BIOEAST SRIA document is foreseen to be presented for the public. 

Both the bioeconomy concept paper and the SRIA will serve the BIOEAST countries to move forward with their bioeconomy development in terms of strategy and R&I activities.