The new-look of BIOEAST

The BIOEAST initiative has been given a new look in terms of visual intensity. BIOEAST has now become a trademark as a Central and Eastern European Initiative for Knowledge-based agriculture, aquaculture, and Forestry in Bioeconomy. The BIOEAST Board members wanted to the express the message of BIOEAST better, and as a result of a months-long process, the Czech Agricultural Research Limited Troubsko (ART) from the Czech Republic produced the current new version of the new Image

The new logo which kept the basic look of the original version, now expresses the co-operation and origin of the BIOEAST countries, while the arrows represent the BIOEAST objectives in the field of bioeconomy. The color green indicates sustainability. Furthermore, the map expresses the interdependence with the rest of Europe needed to achieve research and development goals to contribute to the global challenges.

The new image is the common symbol of the 11 BIOEAST member states who could potentially contribute to solving the vast challenges concerning bioeconomy.