Thematic studies of the BIOEAST Thematic Working Groups are now available

A series of thematic studies are published in the seven areas of the BIOEAST Thematic Working Groups. The aim of the thematic studies is to make a deep analysis on areas and specific needs identified by the TWGs. Thematic studies make a significant contribution to the macro-regional development and provide important input to the forthcoming BIOEAST SRIA (Strategic Research Innovation Agenda). The studies were commissioned by the TWGs, funded by the BIOEASTsUP project and carried out by external, independent experts. The specific studies are the following:

#1 sustainable yields and agroecology: Socio-ecological indicators of agroecology-systems in the BIOEAST countries,

#2 bioeconomy education: Bioeconomy education in the BIOEAST countries,

#3 food systems: Outlook on small farming production in BIOEAST countries and local food systems of alternative futures,

#4 forestry: Exploring areas with high agroforestry potential in BIOEAST countries,

#5 freshwater based bioeconomy: Surface waters maintaining at least good water quality and biodiversity,  

#6 bioenergy and new value added materials: Anaerobic digestion for renewable energy, carbon sink and organic fertilizers as an integral part of bioeconomy development,

#7 advanced bio-based materials: Bio-based materials in Europe: stakeholder mapping, projects & private sector dynamics, policy analysis & recommendations.

You are able to read the full studies in the library, under the Reports (1.4.).