BIOEAST workshop regarding the position of the bioeconomy within the CAP

BIOEAST Initiative organized an informal meeting of all member states representatives on 17 February 2020 regarding position of the bioeconomy within drafts of Strategic plans of CAP 2023-2027. Experts and state counsellors from AGRI ministries exchanged their draft ideas on how the member states are planning to address the bioeconomy in future programming period. BIOEAST Initiative provided a good platform for such kind of informal exchange of views between the Member States and showed a good practice example for knowledge exchange at macro-regional level. 

Aftermath of the workshop BIOEAST note was prepared, which highlighted several issues:  (1) Policy framework: positioning of the bioeconomy under the CAP specific objective 8 (2) Taxonomy issue in relation to bioeconomy (3) State aid element (4) Synergies with other EU funds. Within these specific issues, questions were identified and delivered to the European Commission. Since the BIOEAST countries are in the midst of the intensive programming process, it would be helpful to receive guidance from the European Commission concerning these open issues.