Eleven national BIOEASTsUP project virtual round tables “Indicators and statistical evidence for bioeconomy development” took place in October 2020

Focused at the BIOEAST Macro-region the virtual roundtables aimed at presenting country specific outcomes of the BIOEASTsUP task “Indicators and statistical evidence for bioeconomy development”.

Biljana KULIŠIĆ (EIHP, Croatia) gave a closer insight on how existing bioeconomy capacities of the current national economy for countries were identified followed by suggestions on what directions to take to achieve the transition from a fossil-based society towards a circular and sustainable bioeconomy. Markus LIER (Luke, Finland) presented a methodology on how to identify national bioeconomy objectives, indicators and statistical data for bioeconomy progress monitoring.

The information exchanged in the country specific virtual roundtables will feed into the national bioeconomy action plans and the BIOEAST Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

Over 220 participants gatheredaround the virtual roundtables , mostly Board Members, NCPs, BIOEAST Advisory Council members, BIOEAST Foresight Task Force members, national representatives in the TWGs, BAIMGs and NSGs (respectively BIOEAST Hubs) and BIOEASTsUP project partners.

Hungary was among the first countries where the National BIOEASTsUP project virtual round table „Indicators and statistical evidence for bioeconomy development” was held. “In the process of preparing national bioeconomy strategy and action plan the BIOEASTsUP support is welcomed since it could provide methodological framework, helping to define national pathways and indicators.”  Barna Kovács, BIOEAST Secretary General said. The series was completed with a roundtable meeting in Poland on November 4, 2020.