NoAW Final ONLINE Stakeholder Event

We are delighted to announce the Final Stakeholder Event of the NoAW H2020 project ‘ Bioenergy and Biomaterials from Agricultural Residue’ which will take place from 18-19 January 2021.

This free on-line event  organized in two half-day sessions  – will help delegates understand what the current and upcoming innovations in agro-waste management. Experts across continents will share their knowledge and experiences on successful innovative solutions, emerging tools, methods and technologies developed in NoAW project.


Attending the NoAW final online event will provide delegates with:

  • an improved knowledge of agro-waste management in a broad range of topics
  • an introduction of the innovative tools to develop pathway from agricultural residues to NoAW products: conversion and biorefinery technologies
  • professional insight into quantification economic and ecological benefits through case studied of NoAW project
  • an opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals.

Registration started: REGISTER HERE

The event is finished.