WWF – Kiskunság Wild Flower Fields experiment

Open innovation arrangement

Hungary, Centre for Ecological Research
Website: https://ecosystem-services.ecolres.hu/research/field-experiments
Ø  Contact person: András Báldi, baldi.andras@ecolres.hu

Vision & Objectives

We intend to demonstrate an effective restoration practice to farmers with benefits beyond crop area reduction (e.g. pollination, pest control, wildlife management). Furthermore, we want to provide evidence to policymakers that such comparably small parcels have a positive effect on the landscape scale, and they can be worth integrating into AES or other rural and urban development policies. Diversified agricultural ecosystems can support food production while harbouring rich biodiversity a win-win strategy that this experiment intend to demonstrate. In the long term, our restoration approach could serve as a model for improving biodiversity and ecosystem services in intensified agricultural areas.


  • multiactor design
  • seeding native, diverse seed mixture
  • managing of wild flower fields
  • monitoring the effects on plants, pollinating insects, biocontrol organisms, yield

Production sector

  • Arable farming