Third and fourth peer reviews on the Bioeconomy technology (knowledge) transfer

The third and fourth peer reviews were organised jointly in the on-line version to discuss Hungarian and Bulgarian good practice of the Technology transfer.

The presentations were selected to illustrate the support for technology transfer and innovation management in the bioeconomy field that is being provided by the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture is providing a financial support for the implementation of bioeconomy solution. A good practice of AKIS EIP Agri call, precisely the combination with an investment support was discussed and the support for operation groups, innovation centres that are based on the existing national networks connected the agriculture chambers and agriculture advisors.

The second presentation provided a successful case study of the stakeholder engagement facilitated by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the Department of Physical Chemistry and Material Science. From 2017 the department involved stakeholders in the discussion of the strategy of plastic, few project proposals were developed both on the national and international level. The new BIOEAST Thematic working group Biochemicals that was initiated in 2021 was based on these networking activities that enables not only to discuss the topics on the macro regional level but also provides strategic research agenda and identify needs, limits and also potential of this area.

The Bulgarian presentations discussed two concrete examples of technology transfer projects and value chains. The first presentation was based on a traditional Bulgarian production of roses, precisely the utilisation of the waste. The lack of financial support adds another burden, it is difficult to bridge the pioneer phase till the volume reaches the break-even point. The peer review also demonstrate high level agriculture innovation of molecular markers for grapevine developed by the Bulgarian Agriculture Academy.