Bioeconomy is a reality in the Czech Republic and  indeed a great opportunity for the future

The first Bioeconomy Congress in the Czech Republic clearly showed that a number of public and private organizations are actively involved in the bioeconomy and highlighted the importance of developing a national bioeconomy strategy.

The congress organized by the BIOEAST HUB CZ, Technology Centre Prague and Agriculture Research under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture CZ attracted a wide range of participants from both public, private sector, non-governmental and research organizations. Representatives of three ministries – Šárka Štejnarová (Ministry of Agriculture and BIOEAST NCP), Jana Fišerová (Ministry of Industry and Trade), Zuzana Weisgerberova (Ministry of Education and Science) participated in a panel discussion together with Kamila Vávrová (Technology Agency of the Czech Republic) and Karel Kouřil (Council of the Government of the Czech Republic); vast majority agreed on the need for a national bioeconomy strategy, the adoption of which would strengthen the position of the Czech Republic in Europe, support the financing of bioeconomy projects and send a clear signal to the regional government and the business community.

The conference presented activities and achievements of the Central and Easter BIOEAST Iniative in introduction and engagement in bioeconomy in the Czech Republic likewise national strategies, RIS missions and public support programmes. Entrepreneurs and applied research jointly presented existing bioeconomy value chains showing examples of bioeconomy in practice and also pointing out difficulties and challenges. The congress also introduced regional branches of BIOEAST HUB CZ the Charles Spa and the Moravian-Silesian Region and what has been achieved in regional bioeconomy deployment. All presentations are available on the conference website.