Launching the BIOEAST Foresight exercise

In line with the implementation of the BIOEAST Vision 2030, which was endorsed in February 2018, and in the framework of the BIOEASTsUP Horizon 2020 project a macro-regional BIOEAST Foresight Exercise is being conducted to support the BIOEAST member states in developing their sustainable bioeconomies. Five, high-level independent CEE experts have been selected by the BIOEAST Board who officially start working in July 2020 in order to deliver a Foresight report by March 2021.

The experts and ultimately the BIOEAST Foresight report shall look into the future perspectives of the macro region’s bioeconomies (2030 – 2050) and at the same time setting it in the wider EU and global context, investigating the special characteristics of the macro-regional bioeconomy deployment, special needs and potential with possible scenarios. It aims to raise awareness about current and future challenges for the national policy developments, to improve the policy framework to address long-term challenges, and to provide advice for the BIOEAST Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) development. Therefore, the Foresight experts will work closely together with the BIOEAST Board and Thematic working groups.

The Foresight report will analyse and provide recommendations around four main areas (1) Sustainable natural resources, particularly soils and water; (2) Sharing economy in the context of sustainable food system; (3) Renewable carbon use and decarbonisation pathways; (4) Governance in the context of circular and sustainable pathways. The five experts will be officially announced in July