New BIOEAST TWG Education

Bioeconomy Education has been a key issue on the European Strategy for Bioeconomy from the very beginning. In both Strategy documents (2012 and 2018) the issue appears as a key priority for Europe. The Bioeconomy Stakeholders Manifesto issued on 2019, places Education as a top priority for the sustainable development and growth and finally the European Commission tends to institutionalize the issue. 

The BIOEAST TWG on Bioeconomy Education (TWG BE ED) is coordinated by Agriculture Research and led by George Sakellaris and Marie Kubankova. The main goal of this TWG is to support the development of Bioeconomy education in the BIOEAST region, indicates the pathway how to cooperate with in the European BioeconomyUniversity and outline actions on how to implement tailored training in Bioeconomy to support implementation of Bioeconomy in the BIOEAST region. 

Could you tell us more about the activities of TWG BE ED? 

MK:  I am very pleased about the interest of our colleagues from the BIOEAST countries, we are sincerely looking forward to the cooperation.

GS: I do agree, together with our Latvian colleagues Dagnija Blumberga and Lauma Zihare we submitted an presentation to the EBU Scientific Forum dedicated to the BIOEAST Imitative presentations and the activities of our TWG

MK. We also presented the Role Game of the BIOEASTsUP project and the activities of BIOEAST HUB CZ.

Very well, so what is next? 

GS: The Community of Practice (CoP) is organizing a two-day webinar dedicated to Bioeconomy education where I will be participating as a member of CoP. On the 4h November we will be presenting BIOEAST Initiative on the webinar organized by the Transition2BIO.

MK: On the 26th October we were invited to the Webinar organized by Deloitte, Empirica and Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (FGB). George was invited as a panelist, I will have the pleasure to introduce our activities in the breakout session focused on entrepreneurship training.

Do you plan to organize a kick off meeting? 

GS: Yes, we do. It will be on-line of course and we hope to organize it in November.

Thank you for your time,