Systems Dynamic Modelling workshop

Workshop training on applied Systems Dynamic Modelling in the context of the WP1/Task1.3 (Framework for National Bioeconomy Strategies Development/Developing a CEE Virtual Toolbox) took place in the premises of IERiGZ in Warsaw on Thursday and Friday, 5-6th March 2020. The workshop introduced basic notions of system dynamics modelling (SDM) aiming at investigating possibilities to use such a tool in bioeconomy strategy development. After the position of SDM in the BIOEASTsUP project frame by the coordinator, IUNG scientists presented ongoing project (BioEcon) research outcome on input-output tables detailing the bio-based sectors and their integration into the national economy. By means of I-O tables the importance of bio-based sectors measured in terms of direct and indirect impacts to the economy can be determined in order to set further priorities for the bioeconomy strategies. 

The necessity of modelling tools able to accommodate the interdisciplinary nature of required information was presented in the introductory lecture of the instructor’s team coming from the Riga Technical University. Next, systems thinking and the elementary mechanics of SDM were systematically detailed followed by applications developed for Latvia in order to build an understanding among the participants on how to express the behaviour of a system suitable to predict changes in it triggered by the influence of various internal and external factors. For this purpose, explicit reference was made in two case studies modelled in the Latvian context, namely the Apple Garden and the Forestry sector cases. These illustrate biomass value-added creation by incorporating in existing or novel systems of high value uses of biomass elements thus increasing the overall value both applying the cascading principle and enhancing the waste valorisation promoting the circular economy. 

The second part of the workshop was devoted to hands-on experience on demo commercial software by building a stylized model based on participative description of the Polish forestry sector. Extensive discussion on the specification of application of the SDM in Poland and its use in the process of strategy preparation followed among participants. Selected application should be suitable to provide foresight analysis in important bio-based value chains in Poland, also relevant to other BIOEAST countries. The Participants included scientists from the IUNG (Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation, Pulawy), the IERiGZ (Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics, Warsaw), the Public Economics Department (Krakow University of Economics), and the HuMA (Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture).  IUNG, in collaboration with RTU is in charge to articulate contributions from interested institutions in order to elaborate the model developments within the timetable of the project. The task related to this exercise starts in month 10 (July 2020) and it is expected to last until month 24. As soon as next events related to this sub-task will be scheduled, all partners within this timetable will be informed so that they can follow the process.