The preparation of the concept paper for bioeconomy strategy

The second half of the BIOEASTsUP project was launched by the kick off meeting for policy makers, BIOEAST NCP and also project partners who are going to develop concept paper for national bioeconomy strategy.

The meeting was organised and moderated by Martin Behrens (FRN project partner), over 35 participants from all BIOEAST countries participated.  Barna Kovacs indicated out the importance of join activity of the project partners and policy makers and the cooperation on this crucial task of the BIOEASTsUP project. The European Commission has already supported several projects that provided support for the regional bioeconomy strategy, analysis of the potential and also support for the national strategy development. Currently there is also the policy support facility and mutual learning exercise going where public administration can learn from each other. By this activity we can demonstrate the effort to produce robus analysis and concept paper that can be used by the policy makers for the strategy regardless of the current policy situation.”

Policy makers are currently occupied with the CAP, National Resilience and Recovery Plans and of course with the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. There are also elections in several countries.  During the discussion country representatives share the current situation. National  Ákos Kristof (HuMA) pointed out the need to be flexible in the roadmap, which offers us the possibility to adjust our activity to our road conditions.  Mario Plešej (Slovenia) also informed about the coming national elections and discussed the process.  Jan Nedělník (ART) presented the on-going analysis that are being developed in the CZ and will be integrated in the concept paper. Jan Nedělník also mentioned his participation in the policy support facility activity of the European Commision, he as a coordinator of the BIOEAST HUB CZ was asked to make a presentation about the role of this national network of stakeholders in the development of the national concept paper to share this good practice.  In Bulgaria the process of identifying the national stakeholders. In Poland the national bioeconomy platform was set up that will be playing a key role in the bioeconomy strategy development concept paper.