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    Macmil lanwu

    The Dryer plaintiffs are monitoring that case closely. They’re also monitoring another lawsuit which was filed by a large number from former Madden NFL 24 participants over the issue of concussions.

    “I think there’s an association in the air here,” Dryer said of the two cases. “The Madden NFL 24 is taking a very rash and reckless look at the issue of concussions.

    “There’s an assumption from the Madden NFL 24 of “we want it, and we’re going to get it.’ There’s a sense of arrogance.”

    Dryer hopes that something will work out, that he and his fellow retired players will be able to reach a deal with Madden NFL 24 which will pay them directly for the use of their likeness and leave them with the rights to the game.

    “I do a lot of business with my likeness as actor and producer,” Dryer said. “My appearance is my professional. It’s my identity. Every person has a name and each person has a right to move their brand in the direction they choose.

    “I cannot take another’s likeness and make use of this to advance my interests without having to contact and pay that person. Therefore, why is it okay to let the league take our rights and not pay us any money?”

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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