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    Donna Stella

    Is that because Trubisky is not on his opening line of script or Matt Nagy is off his script, which makes them less efficient? I’m inclined to believe that it’s because of Trubisky being off , as the times he’s demonstrated that he’s prone to miss throws that are easy. However good the Bears defense has beenin the past, in 2018. your quarterback and offense must be performing at an elite level to make it to the playoffs.

    This being said, I believe that it’s now the time to get behind the Bears as they are one year removed from Super Bowl contention. The Lions might not be alive at the moment but Chicago has traveled against a division foe with an alternative quarterback during an unseasonably short time frame and came out on top. That’s huge. Washington could not do it.

    Yesterday, Chase Daniel showed why he routinely gets paid big sums of money to play backup. He scored 27-37 and 230 yards , with two scoring touchdowns. This game showed that Matt Nagy is a legit coach. Not that he wasn’t beforehand, but the Bears offense was able to work under those circumstances. They didn’t really have an offensive game, but they kept their players on the field all day.

    Nagy had some subtle changes during the game that I believe were crucial and frequently overlooked. In the beginning, they attempted several deeper passes but Chase was just a little off. That’s not surprising considering Chase hasn’t worked with any of these wide receivers in practice to the fullest extent. In the second quarter, these disappeared. More efficient throws and quicker completions. Good adjustments.

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