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    You will want to speak to Ksenia on more than one occasions in the course of this quest. Right here is an extensive rundown of all the quest goals you want to complete.

    1. Speak with Ksenia inside the fortress – You’ll need to talk with Ksenia, the Zakarum Crusader, who may be placed inside the Ruins of the Rakhat hold.

    2. Join Ksenia in the Sealed Quarters – You’ll need to go into the Defiled Halls and Ksenia will examine you after in short wandering off.

    Three. Discover the deliver of corruption within the Sealed Quarters – excursion into the Halls dungeon.

    4. Study the pressing Letter – look for the urgent Letter in the center of the hall.

    Five. Inspect Paladin remains – check out Paladin Mathias’ remains inside the room you come across.

    6. Defeat Mathias, Corrupted Paladin – Kill the ghost of Mathias which appears.

    7. Talk to Ksenia – A door in the returned of you will united states and also you’ll be introduced about to accumulate greater gadgets.

    Eight. Collect Mathias’ Betrayal – click on on Mathias’ Betrayal that drops when his ghost is defeated.

    9. Collect Eleazar’s desire – You’ll want to tour in addition within the Defiled Halls to discover this. Take the primary proper upon getting into the halls and study the direction until the prevent where you may need to locate and defeat Carthas. You’ll want to combat the ghost that looks earlier than you can accumulate Eleazar’s desire.
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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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