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October 1, 2019

The BIOEASTsUP project financed by H2020 has started with Kick-off meeting in Pulawy, Poland on October 1, 2019. Announcement of BIOEASTsUP

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The BIOEASTsUP is a project anchored on BIOEAST Bio-economy in the field of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Forestry in the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEE) by 2030. In the past decade, Circularity and Sustainability remains at the heart the EU. At the BIOEASTsUP, we bring together different government stakeholders within the 11 CEE accenting their respective national governments agendas, the agri-food sector, and support for the national bioeconomic strategies. We are highly driven by the BIOEAST goal, to be a global beknown catalyst for research and innovation, rural development and other policies advocating for bioeconomic development in the region by creating an enabling environment for intersectoral framework for sustainable deployment of Biomass potential.

In line with these aims, BIOEASTsUP looks forward to achieving the following:

  1. To trigger strategic thinking at governmental level and transnational peer-to-peer development of national circular bioeconomy strategies in BIOEAST countries.
  2. To emphasize and encourage the role of multi-stakeholder and multi-actor approaches as well as co-creation of innovation in developing new value chains to advance bioeconomies.
  3. To develop a bottom-up stakeholder driven approach for a consolidated bioeconomy Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for the BIOEAST countries.
  4. To set-up and maintain a macro-regional framework to set-up and develop the BIOEAST SRIA and action plan.
  5. To facilitate evidence-based policy making.
  6. To increase the visibility of the bioeconomy within the quintuple helix in the BIOEAST region.

To achieve the EU Circularity and Sustainability goal under the auspice of bioeconomy, BIOEASTsUP develops an open and inclusive platform which is community driven. A platform aimed at reaching a wider array of the community at the Member states level.